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Speaker's notes

Oral Presentation

  • Please confirm your presentation schedule (date, time, and room) in the program in advance.
  • You are requested to go to the room where you are a speaker at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session to meet with the Chair who will introduce your talk.
  • Speakers are encouraged to copy their presentation data into the computer provided in the respective session rooms. Please bring your presentation data in a USB flash memory stick at least 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the session, and load your presentation file in to the session computer.
  • If you intend to use your own PC for your presentation, please make sure to check the compatibility of your PC with the projector during the coffee break or lunch break prior to your session.

– Your PC should have a Mini D-sub15 pin or HDMI external output terminal to be connected to the PC projector.
– The output resolution of the PC should be XGA or lower.
– For those who live outside Japan, please remember to bring your own power adapter. Your PC should be equipped with a power code suitable for a 100V, Type A (Japanese 2-pin) plug.
– For MAC users, please be sure to bring your Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter for connecting to a VGA cable for the projector.
・Please make your presentation in English. There will be no interpretations.
・Please adhere to the time limits of your presentation to ensure smooth proceedings.
Presentation times are as follows :
– Plenary Lecture: 60 min. (55 min. Presentation / 5 min. Q&A)
– Keynote Lecture: 50 min. (45 min. Presentation / 5 min. Q&A)
– Invited Lecture: 30 min. (25 min. Presentation / 5 min. Q&A)
– Oral Lecture: 15 min. (10 min. Presentation / 5 min. Q&A)
*Please see the program for detailed presentation time

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