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Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers (Plasma Science & Technologies)

Plasma Science & Technologies

Kazunori Takahashi (Tohoku University, JAPAN)
"Plasma Dynamics in A Magnetic Nozzle Radiofrequency Plasma Thruster"

Oi Lun (Helena) Li (Pusan National University, KOREA)
"Plasma Engineering for Nanomaterials Synthesis and Surface Modification"

Po-Yu Chang (National Cheng-Kung University, TAIWAN)
"Development of Pulsed Plasma Thruster Using an Unbalanced Theta Pinch"

Naoto Kodama(Nagoya University, JAPAN)
"Development of Electrical Circuit Protection Device Based on Gas properties Analysis of High-Temperature Arc and Hot Gas"

Ryo Ono(The University of Tokyo, JAPAN)
"Development of Pulsed-Plasma Thruster using an Unbalanced Theta Pinch"

Ying-Hao Liao(National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, TAIWAN)

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