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Venue:Meijo University

12:30- Registration
Tutorial Plasma Science
Chair: Minoru Sasaki [Toyota Technological Institute]
13:00-13:45 Uwe Czarnetzki
[Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany]
"Diagnostics of Low-Temperature Plasmas"
13:45-14:30 Masaaki Nagatsu
[Shizuoka University]
"Plasma Surface Functionalization of Nano-sized Materials for Biomedical Application"
14:30-14:40 Break
Tutorial Nitride Semiconductors
Chair: Osamu Oda [Nagoya University]
14:40-15:25 Wladyslaw Walukiewicz
[Solar Energy Materials Research Group]
"Semiconductor Band Structure Engineering for Solar Power Conversion Devices"
15:25-16:10 Satoshi Kamiyama
[Meijo University]
"Technologies of nitride-based LEDs"
16:10-16:20 Break
Tutorial Nanomaterials
Chair: Seiichi Miyazaki [Nagoya University]
16:20-17:05 Akira Toriumi
[The University of Tokyo]
"Technology Outlook for Advanced CMOS and Beyond-Si Device"
17:05-17:50 Shefford P. Baker
[Cornell University]
"Nanotwins and stability of physical-vapor-deposited thin films"
18:00-19:30 Welcome Party

8:30- Registration
Opening/Plenary Lecture
Chair:Mineo Hiramatsu [Meijo University]
<Room A>
9:20-9:35 <Opening Address> Hirotaka Toyoda[ISPlasma2014/IC-PLANTS2014 Organizaing Committee Chairperson]
9:35-10:15 Plenary Lecture Makoto Konagai [Tokyo Institute of Technology]
"Challenges for Developing Innovative Solar Cells - Towards Carbon Free Society"
10:15-10:30 Break
Keynote Lecture
Chair:Masafumi Ito [Meijo University]
10:30-11:05 <03aA02K>
Keynote Lecture : W. G. (Bill) Graham [Queen's University Belfast]
"The Physics, Chemistry and Applications of Plasmas Created in Liquids."
11:05-11:40 <03aA03K>
Keynote Lecture :Hiromichi Ohashi [AIST]
"Possibility of Future Power Devices toward New Generation Power Electronics"
11:40-12:15 Keynote Lecture :Yoshitaka Okada[The University of Tokyo]
"High-Efficiency Quantum Dot Solar Cells: Progress and Challenges"
12:15-13:10 Lunch
13:10-14:40 Poster Session 1
Plasma Science1
Plasma Souces/ Plasma DiagnosticsⅠ
Chair: Koichi Sasaki [Hokkaido University]
<Room B>
Invited Lecture:
Wonho Choe[KAIST]
"Non-thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas at Different Driving Frequency in the RF Range"
Invited Lecture:
Juergen Roepcke[Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP Greifswald)]
"On Recent Progress in Studying Chemical Phenomena and Surface Interactions in Plasmas Using Infrared Absorption Techniques"
Keiichiro Urabe[The University of Tokyo]
"Production and Relaxation Processes of Metastable Helium Atoms in Cryoplasmas between 5 K and Room Temperature"
Agnes Granier[CNRS]
"In situ Investigation of the Effect the Wall Nature on O atom Recombination Probability in Low Pressure O2/HMDSO/TTIP Plasmas"
Kazunori Koga[Kyushu University]
"Time evolution of Argon Metastable Density in Reactive Dusty Plasmas"
16:15-16:35 Break
Plasma Science2
Plasma Souces/ Plasma DiagnosticsⅡ
Chair: Wonho Choe [KAIST]
<Room B>
Invited Lecture:
Koichi Sasaki[Hokkaido University]
"A simple method for producing standing sonoplasmas"
Invited Lecture:
Jong-Shinn Wu [National Chiao Tung University]
"Hybrid Simulation of Gas Discharge and Gas Flow"
Anil Pandey[Chubu University]
"Simplified Analysis and FDTD Simulation of Curling Probe"
Novel growth technologies
Chair:Yoshihiro Kangawa [Kyushu University]
<Room C>
Invited Lecture:
Fukuyama Hiroyuki[Tohoku University]
"AlN Layer Growth Using Ga-Al Flux and Its Thermodynamic Principle"
Chia-Hung Lin[NTT Basic Research Laboratories]
"N-face GaN (000-1) Films Grwon by Group-III Source Flow-rate Modulation Epitaxy"
Taiji Yamamoto[Meijo University]
"Analysis of GaInN/GaN supperlattices on GaN template during growth by in-situ X-ray diffraction"
Ji young Kim[Korea Maritime and Ocean University]
"AlGaN Epitaxial Layers Grown by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy"
Yoshinobu Watanabe[Mie University]
"Surface treatment of sublimation-grown AlN substrate for homo-epitaxial growth by HVPE"
16:05-16:25 Break
Chair: Wladyslaw Walukiewicz
[Solar Energy Materials Research Group]
<Room C>
Invited Lecture:
Fumitsugu Fukuyo[Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.] (Tentative)
Mami Ishiguro[Meijo University]
"Improvement of photosensitivity in heterostructure-field-effect-transistor type photosensors with a p-GaInN gate"
Yi Liu[Nagoya University]
"Study on a novel radical-enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (REMOCVD) for GaN epitaxial growth"
Keiya Kozaki[Meijo University]
"Raelization of M-plane GaInN Thick Films Grown on Submicron Patterned Groove-GaN Substrate"
Seunga Lee[Nagoya University]
"Effect of piezoelectric field on carrier dynamics in InGaN-based solar cells"
Chair: Katsuya Teshima [Shinshu University]
<Room D>
Invited Lecture :
Mauricio Terrones[Shinshu University]
"Novel Nanocarbons: Defective Graphenes, Nanoribbons with Atomically Smooth Edges and Graphene-Nanotube Hybrid Structures"
Invited Lecture :
Do-Geun Kim[KIMS]
"Ultra Flexible Metal Embedded Transparent Electrode for Folderable Organic Devices"
Invited Lecture :
Katsumi Kaneko[Shinshu University]
"In-Pore Superhigh Pressure-Aided Materials Synthesis"
Hironao Shimoeda[Nagoya University]
"Control of Edge and Surface Oxidation of Carbon Nanowalls by Argon Ion Irradiation"
16:10-16:30 Break
2D Materials
Chair: Mauricio Terrones[Shinshu University]
<Room D>
Agnes Granier[IMN, Univerite de Nantes, CNRS]
"Growth Control of Carbon Nanostructures using Cold Plasma Processes"
Wenchao Peng[The University of Hong Kong]
"MoS2/Graphene Nanosheets with CdS Nanoparticles as A Visible Light Driven Photocatalyst for the Reduction and Detoxification of 4-Nitrophenol"
Naruki Ninomiya[Yokohama National University]
"Layer-by-layer Etching of MoS2 Flakes during Etching Process for Fabrication of MoS2 Transistors"
Yong-Cin Chen[National Taiwan University of Science and Technology]
"Preparation of Nano-cubic Cu2O/Platinum Core-Shelled Nanoparticles for the Electrochemical Applications"

9:10- Registration
  Plasma Science 3
Emerging plasma Technology
Chair: Jennifer H Shin [KAIST]
<Room B>
Nano stractures and charactarizations
Chair:Koh Matsumoto
[Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp].
<Room C>
Chair:Yuichi Setsuhara [Osaka University]
<Room D>
9:20-9:45 <04aB01I>
Invited Lecture:
Hidekuni Takao[Kagawa University]
"Patternable Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet Array Generated by an Integrated Micro Microfluidic Device"
Invited Lecture :
Shunnsuke Ishizawa[Sophia University]
"Structural Control and Photonic Characteristics of Bottom-up Grown InGaN Based-nanocolumns"
Invited Lecture:
Jenq-Gong Duh[National Tsing Hua University]
"Exploitation of Bio-inspired Thin Film Composites"
9:45-10:00 Tatsuo Ishijima[Kanazawa University]
"Enhancement of OH radical generation rate in aqueous solution by microwave-excited bubble plasma production"
Shogo Ito[Aichi Institute of Technology]
"Nature of Yellow Luminescence Band in High Quality GaN"
Jindrich Musil[University of West Bohemia]
"Advanced Hard Nanocomposite Coatings with Unique Properties"
10:00-10:15 Hiromasa Tanaka[Nagoya University]
"Plasma-activated medium downregulated signaling pathways that control proliferation and survival in glioblastoma brain tumor cells"
Ryota Matsumura[Toyohashi University of Technology]
"Eu concentration dependence of optical properties for Eu and Mg codoped GaN"
Chih-Yang Wang[National Taiwan University of Science and Technology]
"Preparation of Nanocomposite Membranes with Antibacterial properties by Plasma Surface Modification"
10:15-10:30 Yui Hayashi[Nagoya University]
"Peptide Synthesis from Amino Acid Induced by Pulsed Discharge Plasma over Aqueous Solution at Pressurized Argon"
Break Silambarasan Murugesan
[Sona College of Technology]
"Structural, Morphological and Optical Studies of Silver-doped ZnO Nanoparticles Synthesized by Simple Solution Combusting Method"
10:30-10:45 Break
Topical Session 1
Plasma Science
Plasma Bio & Medicine
Chair: Masaaki Nagatsu [Shizuoka University]
<Room A>
10:45-11:20 Keynote Lecture : Masaru Hori [Nagoya University]
"Challenge to Plasma Medical Science towards the Fourth Treatment of Cancers"
11:20-11:45 <04aA06I>
Invited Lecture : Jennifer H Shin [KAIST]
"Cellular Property Regulation for Anti-cancer Treatment by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma"
11:45-12:00 Shota Sasaki[Tohoku University]
"Effects of Plasma Diffusion Distance on Gene Transfection"
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:30 Poster Session 2
Collaboration 1
Chair: Makoto Sekine [Nagoya University]
14:30-15:05 Keynote Lecture:Eiichi Yamaguchi [Doshisha University]
"Why has Japan Lost International Competitiveness? -Effects of Small Business Innovation Research Programs on Creating New Science-based Industries"
15:05-15:40 <04pA09K>
Keynote Lecture:Shuzo Fujimura[Tokyo Institute of Technology]
"Necessity of Sceientific Research in Private Entity"
15:40-16:15 <04pA10K>
Keynote Lecture:Matthias Frey[Embassy of Switzerland]
"Innovative Switzerland: Education, Funding and International Exchange"
16:15-16:50 <04pA11K>
Keynote Lecture:Richard Bosmans[Nikon and Essilor International Joint Research Center]
"A Unique Example of Research Partnership Between Two Leading Companies in the Optics Industry"
16:45-17:00 Break
Collaboration 2

Panel Discussion   
◆Moderator Eiichi Yamaguchi[Doshisha University] (Tentative)
 Shuzo Fujimura[Tokyo Institute of Technology] (Tentative)
 Matthias Frey[Embassy of Swizerland]
 Richard Bosmans[Nikon and Essilor  International Joint Research Center]
 Hisashi Tsukamoto[CONNEXX SYSTEMS Corporation] (Tentative)
 Jeon Geon Han[Sungkyunkwan University]

18:30-20:00 Banquet

9:10- Registration
Plasma Science 4
Plasma Deposition
Chair: Xiaodong Pi
[ Zhejiang University]
<Room B>
Invited Lecture :
Masaharu Shiratani[Kyushu University]
"Characteristics of a-Si:H Cells Fabricated by Amplitude Modulated VHF Discharges"
Katsunori Makihara[Nagoya University]
"Selective Crystallization and Metallizatioin of a-Ge:H Thin Films by Pt-coating and Exposing to Remote H2 Plasma"
Yuichi Setsuhara[Osaka University]
"Properties of ICP-Enhanced Reactive Sputter Discharge for Formation of Advanced Semiconductor Films"
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-10:50 Break
Plasma Science 5
Plasma Nanotechnology
Chair: Tomohiro Nozaki[Tokyo Institute of Technology]
<Room B>
Invited Lecture :
Xiaodong Pi [ Zhejiang University]
"Nonthermal Plasma Synthesis of Hyperdoped Silicon Nanocrystals"
Tomoki Amano[Nagoya University]
"Electro catalytic properties of Pt-supported nanographene synthesis using in-liquid plasma"
Iuliana Motrescu[Shizuoka University]
"The role of oxygen introduced in the He gas flow of ultrafine capillary plasma jet for hydroxyl groups patterning"
Semiconductors 4
New device applications
Chair:Hiroshi Amano
[Nagoya University]
<Room C>
Invited Lecture :
Tien-chang Lu [National Chiao Tung University]
"GaN-based Optoelectronics with Micro/Nano-scale Architectures"
Kazutaka Niigata[The University of Tokushima]
"Temperature Dependence of pH Sensor on AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure"
Kazuhiro Nakahama[Mie University]
"Optimazation of barrier hight in AlGaN multiple quantum wells for UV emission exited by electron beam"
Kazuaki Tsuchiyama[Toyohashi University of Technology]
"Evaluation of Optical Property in Various InGaN Micro-LED Size (λ=470nm)
10:30-10:50 Break
Semiconductors 5
Light emitting diodes
Chair: Chair:Hideto Miyake
[Mie University]
<Room C>
Invited Lecture :
Masaaki Onomura [TOSHIBA America Electronic Components, Inc.]
"Highly Efficient GaN-based LEDs Grown on 8-inch Si Substrates"
Shunsuke Okada[Mie University]
"Fabrication of InGaN MQWs on non-polar GaN substrates"
Shunsuke Kawai[Meijo University]
"High reflective and low resistive silver electrode on p-GaN"
Nanomaterials 4
Functional Nanomaterials
Chair:Mohan Sankaran
<Room D>


Invited Lecture :
XingyuJiang [The Chinese Academy of Sciences] 
"Gold Nanoparticles-Based Plasmonics for Medical Diagnostic Assays"

Indrajit Mukhopadhyay[Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University]
"Influence of interfacial charge transfer resistance and double layer capacitance on the conducting properties of electropolymerized Polyaniline film"
Mihai Alexandru Ciolan[Shizuoka University]
"Molecule immobilization on amine enriched zinc oxide by plasma processing"
10:15-10:35 Break
Nanomaterials 5
Porous Materials
Chair:Toru Ujihara「NagoyaUniversity]
Nobuyuki Zettsu
[Shinshu University]
<Room D>
Invited Lecture :
Yoko Kumai [Toyota Central R&D Labs., INC.]
"Characteristics and Applications of Layered Polysilane (Si6H6) Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries"
Indrajit Mukhopadhyay[Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University]
"Electrodeposition of CdTe from ionic liquid bath at 80 oC: insight of nucleation and growth mechanism"
Invited Lecture :Toru Setoyama[Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation]
"Various Potentialities of CHA-type Zeolite as Functional Inorganic Materials"
11:45-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:30 Poster Session 3
Topical Session 2
Solid State Lighting
Chair:Tetsuya Takeuchi[Meijo University]
<Room A>
14:30-15:05 Keynote Lecture:Hiroshi Fujioka[The University of Tokyo]
"Preparation of Nitride Devices by Plasma Processing"
15:05-15:30 Invited Lecture:Jeffrey Y. Tsao [Sandia National Laboratories]
"Solid-State Lighting: Towards Smart and Ultra-Efficient Materials, Devices, Lamps and Systems"
15:30-15:55 <05pA10I>
Invited Lecture:Kiyoshi Itatani [Sophia University]
"Morphological Control of Eu2+-doped Nitride Phosphors by Carbothermal Reduction / Nitridation of Spray-pyrolyzed Powder and Their Luminescence Properties"
15:55-16:20 <05pA11I>
Invited Lecture :Jong-In Shim [Hanyang University]
"On the Origin of Efficiency Droop in Light-Emitting Diodes"
16:20-16:45 <05pA12I>
Invited Lecture :Claude Weisbuch [University of California, Santa Barbara / Ecole Polyechnique, Palaiseau]
"Auger Effect in Nitride-based Blue LEDs and Its Identification by Vacuum Electron Spectroscopy"
16:45-17:00 Break
Topical Session 3
Prospects of Solid State Lighting
17:00-18:30 Panel Discussion  
◆Moderator Satoshi Kamiyama[Meijo University]
Jong-In Shim [Hanyang University]
Claude Weisbuch [University of California, Santa Barbara]
Masaaki Onomura [TOSHIBA America Electronic Components, Inc.]
Hiroshi Fujioka [The University of Tokyo]
Tien-Chang Lu [National Chiao Tung University]
Jeffrey Y. Tsao [Sandia National Laboratories]
Kiyoshi Itatani [Sophia University]

3/6 (Thu)
9:10- Registration
  Plasma Science 6
Plasma Etching
Chair: Hiroki Kondo
[Nagoya University]
<Room B>
Semiconductors 6
Electron devices
Chair: Akio Wakejima
[Nagoya Institute of Technology]
<Room C>
Nanomaterials 6
Nanomaterials Processing
Chair: Tatsuru Shirafuji
[Osaka City University]
<Room D>
9:20-9:45 <06aB01I>
Invited Lecture :
Masaru Izawa [Hitachi Hi-Technologies Corporation]
"Etching Technologies for 3D-Transistor and Emerging Devices"
Invited Lecture :
Yvon Cordier [CNRS - CRHEA]
"Uniformities of GaN and AlN Layers Obtained with Ammonia or with RF Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy"
Invited Lecture :
Mohan Sankaran[Case Western Reserve University]
"Controlling gas-phase nucleation via microplasma processes for the synthesis of novel nanoparticle materials"
9:45-10:00 Yudai Miyawaki[Nagoya University]
"Observation of dangling bonds in Silicon nitride films during exposure of F atoms at down-flow of CF4 plasmas using Real-time / in-situ Electron Spin Resonance"
Joseph J. Freedsman[Nagoya Institute of Technology]
"Trenched-Gate Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN Normally Off MIS-FET on 8-inch Si with Low Leakage and High Breakdown Voltage"
Huei-Yu Chou[National Tsing Hua University]
"Pulse-Electrodeposition of Pt and Pt-Ru nanoparticles on CNTs for methanol oxidation"
10:00-10:15 Minoru Sasaki[Toyota Technological Institute]
"Delay Masking Process Using UV Cured Resist Layer Combined with Deep Reactive Ion Etching for Multiple Height Microstructures"
Arata Watanabe[Nagoya Institute of Technology]
"Characterization of InAlN/GaN High-Electron-Mobility Transistors Grown on Si Substrate"
Atsushi Ando[Nagoya University]
"Spectroscopic analysis of gas-liquid plasma for nanographene synthesis"
  Late News
Chair: Hiroki Kondo
[Nagoya University]
Late News
Chair: Akio Wakejima
[Nagoya Institute of Technology]
Late News
Chair:Mineo Hiramatsu [Meijo University]
10:15-10:30 <06aB04OLN>
Kai Chieh Hsu[National Tsing Hua University]
"The Effect of Doping Al and Ti on Thermo-mechanical Properties of Newly-developed Cu-Zr-Al-Ti Thin Film Metallic Glass"
Zheng Sun[Nagoya University]
"P-type GaN by Mg-ion Implantation with Pre-Sputter Technique"
Joon S. Lee[Durable Hydrophobic Films synthesized by controlling the Plasma Process of simple PECVD]
10:30-10:45 <06aB04OLN>
Abhijit Ray[Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University]
"RF-magnetron sputtered Cu doped SnS thin films for enhanced photovoltaic performance"
Break <06aD05OLN>
Chien-Kuo Hsieh[Ming Chi University of Technology]
"Oxygen-assisted LPCVD for the low temperature direct growth of Graphitic Nanofibers on FTO glass as a Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell"
10:45-11:00 <06aB05OLN>
Minoru Sasaki[Toyota Technological Institute]
"MEMS Nozzle for Localized Irradiation of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Trapping Micro-Samples"
11:00-12:30 Poster Session 4
12:30-13:30 Lunch
Topical Session 4
Power Devices
Chair: Masaaki Kuzuhara[University of Fukui]
<Room A>
13:30-13:40 Introductory Talk : Takaya Miyazaki [Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry]
13:40-14:15 <06pA05K>
Keynote Lecture :Noriyuki Otsuka [Panasonic Corporation]
"Recent Progress in GaN Power Devices"
14:15-14:40 <06pA06I>
Invited Lecture :Yohei Otoki [Hitachi Metals, Ltd.]
"Merit and Homework of Using GaN Substrates for Electric Devices in Mass Production"
14:40-15:05 <06pA07I>
Invited Lecture : Isik C. Kizilyalli[Avogy Inc.]
"Vertical Power Semiconductor Devices on Bulk GaN Substrates"
15:05-15:20 Break
Topical Session 5
Solution of energy problem using current generation Si, SiC and GaN based
power devices
Chair: Masaaki Kuzuhara[University of Fukui]
<Room A>
15:20-16:50 Panel Discussion 
◆Moderator Masaaki Kuzuhara[University of Fukui]
Takashi Nakamura[ROHM Co., Ltd.]
Noriyuki Otsuka [Panasonic Corporation]
Yohei Otoki [Hitachi Metals, Ltd.]
Isik C. Kizilyalli[Avogy Inc.]
16:55-17:05 Award
Presenter : Hirotaka Toyoda[ISPlasma2014/IC-PLANTS2014 Organizaing Committee Chairperson]
Announcer: Hiroshi Amano [ISPlasma2014/IC-PLANTS2014 Program Committee Chairperson]
17:05-17:20 Closing