1200 Matsumoto-cho, Kasugai, Aichi, JAPAN 487-8501
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Access to Conference Site / Chubu University

(A) From Chubu International Airport (Centrair) to Chubu University

(B) From JR Nagoya Station to Chubu University


(1) It is a good idea for you to transfer trains at Kanayama station better than Nagoya station.
Kanayama Meitetsu station is adjacent to Kanayama JR station.

(2) IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend for you to take a LOCAL train on JR Chuo line.
ONLY local trains stop at Jinryo JR station. Other kinds of trains (e.g.rapid trains) pass through Jinryo JR station. Local trains will be operated every 10 - 15 min. approximately (dependingon time).
See Fig.1 to identify whether or not it is a local train.

(3) A university school bus takes you from Jinryo station directly to Chubu University (~ 10 - 15 min.).
The bus terminal is located at the north exit of the Jinryo JR station. Turn left after passing the entrance gate at Jinryo station, walkstraight for 1-2 min., and then you will see the bus stop on your lefthand side. (See Fig. 2.) Note that the bus costs 210 JPY. Table 1shows the time table of the school bus during the period of ISPlasma2017/IC-PLANTS2017.

(a) Indication board at platform of JR Chuo line (ex. Chikusa JR station)

LOCAL trains to be used are represented with BLACK numbers in the timetable. The other rapid trains are shown with red, blue or green ones.

(b) Example of time table of JR chuo line

Fig. 1 The ways to recognizea LOCAL train on JR chuo line.

Fig. 2 Jinryo JR station and School bus terminal

Table 1 Time table of school bus in the period of ISPlasma2017/IC-PLANTS2017
*Please click the time table of school bus