Plenary Speaker

O. Ishihara (Chubu University, JAPAN)
Role of Complex Plasma in Emerging Sciences

Keynote/Tutorial Speakers/Invited Speakers

◆Keynote Speakers

T. Gregorkiewicz (University of Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS)
PECVD-Grown and Chemically Synthesized Semiconductor Nanocrystals
   for Photon Management in Future Photovoltaics
H. Nakanishi (Aichi Cancer Center Aichi Hospital, JAPAN)
A New Therapeutic Modality with Plasma-Activated Medium Targeting Peritoneal
   Micrometastasis in Human Gastric Cancer Cell Lines in Nude Mice

◆Tutorial Speakers

A. Fridman (Drexel University, U.S.A)
Plasma Agriculture: Fundamentals and Applications
Y. F. Li (China University of Petroleum, CHINA)

Plasma synthesis of Functionalized Nanocarbon Materials and their Applications

H. Toyoda (Nagoya University, JAPAN)

Introduction to Plasma Production - from Breakdown to Plasma Sustainment -

D. Ueda (Kyoto Institute of Technology, JAPAN)

Recent GaN-Based Power Devices and Applications

Invited Speakers

Plasma Science & Technologies

P. Bruggeman (University of Minnesota, U.S.A)

Plasma-liquid Interactions: Fundamentals and Applications


Considerations for High Efficiency Non-thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Sources for Food Applications


Layer-by-layer Etching of Laalsiox

M. Matsui (Shizuoka University, JAPAN)

Laser Sustained Plasma by High Power Laser Diode

H. van der Meiden (DIFFER, NETHERLANDS)

Incoherent and Collective Thomson Scattering for the Determination Of Electron and Ion Properties in High Density, Low-temperature Plasma

L. L. Raja (The University of Texas, U.S.A)

Modeling and High-fidelity Simulations of Atmospheric-pressure Non-equilibrium Discharges for the Processing of Liquids

E. Stamate (Technical University of Denmark, DENMARK)

Conductive, Transparent and Low Emissivity Coatings of Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide Produced by Magnetron Sputtering

Nitride Semiconductors

I. Grzegory (Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, POLAND)  

High Pressure Thermodynamics and Crystral Growth of GaN

N. Hayashi (Meijo University, JAPAN)

Gan-based VCSELs with Lateral Optical Confinement Structures

F. Horikiri (SCIOCS, JAPAN)

Development of Free-standing GaN Substrates and High Breakdown Voltage GaN p-n Diodes

C. Humphreys (University of Cambridge, UK)

GaN-on-Si LEDs and Electronic Devices (Tentative)

T. Kachi (Nagoya University, JAPAN)

Developments of GaN on GaN Power Devices


New Platform for Low-cost High-voltage GaN Power Devices

K. Naniwae (EL-Seed Corp., JAPAN)

Moth-eye Patterned Sapphire Substrate Technology for Low Cost and High Efficiency LEDs

J. S. Speck (University of California, USA)

Pure and Disordered Group III Nitride Heterostructures: Growth and Physical Properties

Q. Sun (Chinese Academy of Science, CHINA)

GaN-on-Si LED, Laser Diode and HEMT

A. Suzuki (Panasonic, JAPAN)

Low on-state Resistance Enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN HFET with p-type NiO Gate Formed by Atomic Layer Deposition

A. Yamada (Fujitsu Limited, JAPAN)

Electron Mobility Enhancement in MOVPE-grown InAlN-HEMTs by Control of Surface Morphology of Spacer Layer

E. Zanoni (Universita’ di Padova, ITALY)

Role of Deep Levels and Time-dependent Breakdown Effects in Determining Performances and Reliability of Power GaN Devices


H. Ago (Kyushu University, JAPAN)

Synthesis and Application of Graphene and 2D Heterostructures

N. Fukata (National Institute for Materials Science, JAPAN)

Control of Growth and Impurity Doping in Ge/Si Core-shell Nanowires

Y. Ichikawa (JST FUTURE-PV Innovation, JAPAN)

Silicon Nano-wall Arrays and Their Application to Wide Bandcap Solar Cells

Y. Kanemitsu (Kyoto University, JAPAN)

Photophysics of Organometal Halide Perovskites: a High-quality Solution-processed Optoelectronic Material

X. Li (Peking University, CHINA)

Synthesis and Properties of Nanostructured Materials for Hydrogen Storage and Lithium Battery by Hot and Cold Plasma

T. Nozaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN)

Plasma Synthesis of Free-standing Silicon Nanocrystals for Energy Applications

J. Shiomi (The University of Tokyo, JAPAN)

Development of Nanocrystalline Thermoelectric Materials by Interfacial Phonon Engineering

T. Yanagida (Kyushu University, JAPAN)

Single Crystalline Metal Oxide Nanowires and their Promises

H. W. Zhu(Tsinghua University, CHINA)

Solid State Solar Cells and Photodetectors based on Graphene


Y. Hirai (Kyoto University, JAPAN)

Body-on-a-chip: An Application of 3-D Microstructuring Techniques

C. C. Hu (National Tsing Hua University, CHINA)

Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Heteroatom-doped Graphenes for Biosensing

K. H. Jeong (KAIST, KOREA)

Nanoplasmonic Surfaces for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

Y. Miyahara (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, JAPAN)

Detection of Biomolecular Recognition and Cell Functions using Bio-transistors

R. D. Short (University of South Australia, AUSTRALIA)

On the Effect of Plasma (Media) Treatment on Cell Division

M. Ueda (Okayama University, JAPAN)

Analysis of Inflammation after Hemostasis with Non-thermal Plasma by using Molecular Imaging Technique

K. D. Weltmann (INP Greifswald e.V., GERMANY)

Plasma Medicine Status of Basic Research and Transfer into the Hospital

S. J. Yoo (National Fusion Research Institute, KOREA)

Comprehensive Plasma Application to Agriculture: Plasma Farming