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ISPlasma/IC-PLANTS is a specialized international symposium that brings together about 500 world-leading scientists and engineers in Nagoya, Japan to discuss latest researches in the fields of advanced plasma science, its applications for the processing and manufacturing of nitride semiconductors and nanomaterials, as well as new ecosystems for technology transfers. This symposium will address issues such as global warming, resources and energy problems to which the advanced plasma science and its application technologies can greatly contribute. In this symposium, biosensing technologies will be also highlighted, because of their increasing importance in healthcare, agri-food and environmental areas. We hope that this symposium will provide an ideal opportunity for the exchange of new ideas and information, and also support the initiation or further development of international collaborations among those who work in these multidisciplinary fields.


Dear ISPlasma2022/IC-PLANTS2022 Participants

In the present COVID situation in Aichi Prefecture and Japan, Nagoya University, conference site of ISPlasma2022/IC-PLANTS2022, decided to prohibit holding conferences in the campus. As the university guideline will continue at least more than one month, the Organizing Committee decided to hold the conference by ON-LINE.

I would like to thank you all for your understanding.

Chairman of ISPlasma2022/IC-PLANTS2022
Noriyasu Ohno

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