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Friday, January 15. 2021


* For Keynote / Invited Speakers; Please do NOT use this template.
Different template will be sent by the secretariat via email.
  • Please download ABSTRACT TEMPLATE and make sure to submit in PDF file.
  • No proofreading will be done on submitted abstracts. Please be aware that it will be printed without any change.
  • Title of abstract, author's name, co-author's name(s) and affiliation(s) will appear in ISPlasma publication exactly as you type.


Please check ☑ Yes about the Agreement, the click the `Next’ button.
Please input the information of Corresponding Author.
Please be sure to answer whether you can use online conference system within ZOOM, WebEx and Teams.
If you have something to use online system, please input the comments.
Please input the information of Abstract and Authors.
Please upload Abstract File from `File Upload` button in the screen or URL in the automatic reply mail.

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