To Oral Presenters

  • Please confirm your presentation schedule (time, date and room) in the program in advance.
  • Please be present at the session room by at least 10 minutes before the session starts
    and give the presenter's name to the session chair.
  • Please tick off your name on the list pinned up on a door of the session room to show your attendance.
  • Please bring your own PC for your presentation. Secretariat will not prepare a PC for presentation.


- Your PC should have a Mini D-sub15 pin external output terminal to be connected to the PC projector
- The output resolution of the PC should be XGA or lower
- Your PC should be equipped with a power code suitable for a 100V, Type A (Japanese 2-pin) plug

  • There is no room for the presentation test.
    For your test, please make sure to check the compatibility of your PC with the projector
    during coffee break time or lunch time.
    (*During the session, you are not able to check it.)
  • Please make your presentation in English.
    There will be no interpretations. (*Except for Mar. 6 PM Session)
  • Please adhere to the time limits of your presentation to ensure smooth proceedings.
    Presentation times are as follows;
    - Plenary Lecture: 40 min. (35 min. Presentation / 5 min. Q&A)
    - Keynote Lecture: 35 min. (30 min. Presentation / 5 min. Q&A)
      25 min. (20 min. Presentation / 5 min. Q&A) [ Mar. 6 PM Sessions only]
    - Invited Lecture: 30 min. (25 min. Presentation/ 5 min. Q&A)
    - Oral Lecture: 20 min. (15 min. Presentation/ 5 min. Q&A)
    *Please see the program for detailed presentation time
  • For ALL lectures, session staff will notify as follows

    One ring: 5 minutes left for presentation.
    Two rings: Time out for presentation.

To Poster Presenters

  • The poster session consists of the following three sessions;
    Poster Session 1, Poster Session 2, Poster Session 3.
  • Please make sure that you put up your poster during the following schedule.
    The poster board (H2100mm x W900mm) is set in the Poster Session Room.
    Please make sure that your poster fits the posting space shown below (H1300mm x W900mm).
    The secretariat shall provide pushpins to put up your poster.

[Poster session time schedule]

Each poster session is divided into two halves in order to prevent congestion.

  Presentation code Core Time
Poster Session 1 Odd Number Mon. MAR 5 13:15-14:00
Even Number Mon. MAR 5 14:00-14:45
Poster Session 2 Odd Number Tue. MAR 6 13:00-13:45
Even Number Tue. MAR 6 13:45-14:30
Poster Session 3 Odd Number Wed. MAR 7 13:00-13:45
Even Number Wed. MAR 7 13:45-14:30

[Posters set-up and removal schedule]

The presenters can put up/remove their posters at the following schedule.
The un-removed posters will be disposed by the organizer and they will not be returned to the presenters.

  Set- up time Removal Time
Poster Session 1 Mon. MAR 5   9:00-11:00 Mon. MAR 5   17:00-19:00
Poster Session 2 Tue. MAR 6   9:00-11:00 Tue. MAR 6   17:00~20:30
Poster Session 3 Wed. MAR 7   9:00-11:00 Wed. MAR 7   17:00-19:00

*Please post your poster according to the presentation code on the board.


JJAP Special Issue

JJAP Special Issue for ISPlasma2012 will be published in January 2013.

All the presenters (oral and poster sessions) are eligible to submit full paper to the JJAP Special Issue.
Please visit the following website to register and login for the paper submission.
When submitting the papers, you need to enter your ISPlasma2012 Presentation Code (ex. 5p-A02OA、P1001A).

■ISPlasma2012 JJAP Special Issue Submission Page

■General Information for Authors of JJAP Special Issue

■List: Online Submission to JJAP Special Issues

Thursday, February 9, 2012: Paper Submission opened
Friday March 30, 2012: Deadline for Paper Submission

Late October, 2012: Notification of Paper Acceptance